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React Right


The SSI React Right program provides students with the knowledge and training to act as a first responder and provide first aid and CPR, administer oxygen and/or provide Automated External Defibrillator (AED) support in a medical emergency.
Each portion of the React Right program (First Aid and CPR, Oxygen Provider, and AED Provider) may be taught individually or in any combination of the three sections.

Minimum Instructor Rating

An active status React Right Instructor may conduct the React Right program.

Student Prerequisites

  • Minimum age: 12 years old.


Recommended hours for completion: 8-12.
  • First Aid and CPR: 5 hours
  • AED Provider: 1 hour
  • Oxygen Provider: 2 hours

Materials And Equipment

  • React Right students must train using current and appropriate first aid and CPR, oxygen administration and AED equipment.


  • There is no maximum student-to-instructor ratio for the React Right program.
  • The instructor must have sufficient training aids available and the ability to control and supervise all of the program’s participants.

Minimum Supervision

  • An active status React Right Instructor must directly supervise all academic and practical training sessions.

Requirements For Completion

  • Complete academic and practical training scenarios as outlined in the instructor manual for React Right for the portions of the program they are completing.
  • Complete a React Right final exam with a passing score for each of the portions of the program they are completing.


  • Upon completion of all academic and practical training scenario requirements, an SSI React Right Instructor may issue the program’s digital certification card.
  • SSI React Right certification qualifies the holder to act as a first responder in medical emergencies similar to their training for a period of two years after the certification is issued.
  • Certified React Right divers may use the React Right certification to fulfill the prerequisites for the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue certification, and all SSI professional training programs.


Students with a certification from a recognized training agency may upgrade to the React Right certification by:
  • Purchasing the React Right digital learning.
  • Completing a React Right Update for each applicable certification.
  • Completing a final exam for each applicable certification.
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