Scuba Training Standards and Procedures

Recreational Scuba

Instructor Trainer


The SSI Instructor Trainer Seminar provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to organize and conduct SSI Instructor-level scuba training courses.

Note | Instructor Trainer Seminars are conducted by SSI Service Centers, and candidates are selected through an application process.

Minimum Instructor Rating

An active status International Training Director may conduct the Instructor Trainer Seminar.

Candidate Prerequisites

  • Minimum age: 21 years old.
  • Provide written proof of having assisted with at least one (1) ITC and one (1) Instructor Crossover program with an active status Instructor Trainer.
  • Have no QMS Cases that result in a compliance action in the previous twelve (12) months.
Have the following active status SSI certifications or an equivalent from a recognized training agency:
  • Open Water Instructor | for the two (2) years prior to registering for the Instructor Trainer Seminar
  • Master Instructor
Have issued at least:
  • 20 recreational-level SSI certifications
  • 5 professional-level SSI certifications


  • Recommended hours for completion: 70-80.

Depth Limitations

  • Minimum open water depth limit: 5 meters.
  • Maximum open water depth limit: 40 meters.


  • The candidate-to-instructor ratio is 6:1.
  • The ratio may increase to 12:2 with an International Training Director or Instructor Certifier (requires written approval from the SSI International).

Note | An Instructor Trainer or Instructor Certifier may assist with the Instructor Trainer Seminar as part of their own training without affecting ratios.

Minimum Supervision

  • An active status International Training Director must directly supervise all academic, pool/confined water and open water activities.

Requirements For Completion

  • Complete all academic sessions as outlined in the instructor manual for the Instructor Trainer Seminar.
  • Complete the program’s final exam.
  • Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI General Training Standards.
  • Pass all requirements and evaluations listed in the instructor manual for the Instructor Trainer Seminar.


  • Upon completion of training, upload the candidate’s training record with all required documentation into the MySSI System or send it to the responsible SSI Service Center.
  • The candidate will be certified as an Instructor Trainer.


SCR Extended Range Instructor Trainer

Have the following active status SSI certifications (no equivalency permitted):
  • SCR Extended Range Instructor
Have issued at least:
  • 15 total SCR certifications on the applicable unit
  • 10 SCR Extended Range certifications

Active Status Requirements

  • Exclusively use the SSI Total Teaching System for all recreational levels and issue only SSI certifications. Only those programs that SSI does not provide materials for can be conducted through another agency.
  • Exemplify the SSI philosophy and display competence in applying the SSI Business System.
  • Attend all mandatory SSI Instructor Trainer updates scheduled by SSI International.
  • Conduct at least one (1) complete Instructor Training Course every 24 months. Or, if SSI International offers a mandatory update, complete at least one (1) within 24 months.
  • If this time period is exceeded, they may extend their active status Instructor Trainer certification by attending a remedial training session coordinated by SSI International and an International Training Director. They will remain in retired status until the remedial training session is completed.
  • Instructor Trainers will be held responsible for the quality of education. If a significant number of their candidates fail the Instructor Evaluation because of non-performance, the Instructor Trainer may be required to re-attend another Instructor Trainer Seminar or revert to the Master Instructor rating.

Active Status Qualifications

In addition to the programs taught by active status Assistant Instructor Trainers, active status Instructor Trainers may:
  • Conduct the Instructor Training Course.
  • Conduct Dive Professional Crossover programs up to the Master Instructor level.
  • Assist an Instructor Certifier in conducting all SSI Instructor Evaluation programs.
  • Create Personal Note
  • Report Translation Mistake
  • Report Technical Error