Freediving Professional Programs

Performance Freediving Instructor


The SSI Performance Freediving Instructor Upgrade program provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to conduct the Freediver, Advanced Freediver, and Performance Freediver programs in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Minimum Instructor Rating

An active status Freediving Instructor Trainer may conduct the Performance Freediving Instructor Upgrade program.

Candidate Prerequisites

  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
Have the following SSI certifications or equivalent from a recognized training agency:
  • Performance Freediver
Have the following active status SSI certifications (no equivalency permitted):
  • Advanced Freediving Instructor
Have issued at least:
  • 30 Basic Freediver, Pool Freediver, and/or Freediver certifications.
  • 20 Advanced Freediver certifications


  • Recommended hours for completion: 24-32.
  • The number of classes, hours and sessions per day are set by the individual instructor, based on student needs, student ability and environmental conditions.

Depth Limitations

  • Maximum pool/confined water depth limit: 5 meters.
  • Maximum depth limit: 50 meters.

In-Water Ratios

  • The candidate-to-instructor ratio is 6:1.

Minimum Supervision

  • An active status Performance Freediving Instructor may directly supervise all performance requirements under the indirect supervision of the Freediving Instructor Trainer conducting the program.
  • An active status Freediving Instructor Trainer must directly supervise all academic, pool/confined water, and open water training sessions.

Requirements For Completion

  • Read and complete Section 10, including reviews and assessments, of the Performance Freediving Instructor Training Course digital learning.
  • Complete Academic Session 10 as outlined in the instructor manual for the Performance Freediving Instructor Training Course.
  • Complete the program’s final exam.
  • Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards if it has been more than six months since the candidate has been evaluated.
  • Pass all requirements and evaluations for Practical Application Sessions 2 and 6–12 as outlined in the instructor manual for the Performance Instructor Training Course.


  • Upon completion of the Instructor Upgrade, send the candidate’s Training Record with all required documents to the responsible SSI Service Center.
  • Candidate will be certified as an SSI Performance Freediving Instructor.

Active Status Qualifications

In addition to the programs taught by Advanced Freediving Instructors, active status Performance Freediving Instructors may teach, supervise and issue certifications for the following program:
  • Performance Freediver
Active status Performance Freediving Instructors may also:
  • Act as a certified assistant for freediving instructor-level training courses.
  • Directly supervise all in-water performance requirements for Freediving Assistant Instructor through Advanced Freediving Instructor Training Courses.
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