Swim Professional Programs

Adult Swim Teacher


This program provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to conduct SSI Adult swim programs.

Minimum Instructor Rating

An active status Swim Teacher Instructor or higher may conduct the Adult Swim Teacher program.

Candidate Prerequisites

  • Minimum age: 18 years old.


  • Recommended hours for completion: 20-24.
  • Apprenticeship training: at least 4 hours.
  • The number of classes, hours, and sessions per day are set by the Swim Teacher Instructor, based on the candidate’s needs and ability.

Note: If the candidate is already a Level 2 Swim Teacher, the recommended hours for completion are 6-8.

Minimum Supervision

  • An active status Swim Teacher Instructor must directly supervise and evaluate all academic and in-water sessions.
  • An active status Adult Teacher Mentor may directly supervise candidates during the apprenticeship session.

Requirements For Completion

  • Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards if it has been more than six months since the candidate has been evaluated.
  • Complete all academic sections and assessments as outlined in the Adult Swim Teacher Instructor Manual.
  • Complete the program’s final exam.
  • Complete at least four (4) hours of apprenticeship training.


Upon completion of all academic and in-water requirements, including a water fitness evaluation, final exam, and apprenticeship, a Swim Teacher Instructor may issue the Adult Swim Teacher digital certification card.

Active Status Qualifications

In addition to the programs taught by active status Level 2 Swim Teachers, active status Adult Swim Teachers may conduct the following programs:
  • Adult II
  • Adult Swim Teacher apprenticeships under the direct supervision of a Swim Teacher Instructor once they earn the Teacher Mentor recognition rating.
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